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Stacie Poessnecker

Stacie's story and pics will be here soon.

Juli has worked for her mother at Morrow Kennels since 1998, and her father at Morrow Farms since elementary school.  She attended the University of Sioux Falls where she studied music.  She plays piano for Tekamah-Herman Schools and the First Baptist church of Tekamah.  Juli plays organ for First Lutheran in Blair.  She also drives a school bus on occasion for Tekamah-Herman.  Her favorite things to do are attend sporting and music events of her children Colton and Casey, and ride horses.


Juli Morrow


Meet the Morrow Kennel's Team


Marilyn Morrow


 Marilyn graduated from NCTA with a major in Veterinary Technologies.  She has been in the kennel business for 40 years, with boarding and grooming for 38 years.  She lives on a farm with her husband Cliff.  She has 3 kids and 10 grandchildren.  Her hobbies include 3D photography, gardening, and canning.  Marilyn belongs to the First Baptist church in Tekamah where she participates in the bell and chancel choirs.  Marilyn enjoys being a grandmother and farm wife to her beloved Cliff.