Morrow Kennels

 Here is the inner part of the kennel.  This part is air conditioned and heated.  There are doggie doors on the back of each kennel which leads to the outer portion.

Features of our boarding facility:

1. Climate Control for Nebraska Weather

       * Air conditioning for the summer heat, heat for the cold winter nights. 

          Also we have four garage doors that open up for fresh clean country air and

          sunlight when the weather permits it.

2. Two part kennel for each dog which is divided by a doggie door.  This

     is great because dogs can walk around freely, and are not "cooped up".

     This feature makes an extended stay at our kennel fun and relaxing for

      all dogs.  This also means that we can clean both parts of the run while

      keeping your pet safe and dry on the opposite side of the doggie door.

3. We offer playtime and exercise upon request.  If your dog loves to play

     fetch, we have long hallways to play fetch with them, while safely being


4. We also board cats.  We have multi-level cat cages so that your kitty can

     jump and walk around freely!



Pet salon and boarding

This is the outer portion of the kennel.  As you can see, it is safely inside, but there are garage doors to let in fresh clean air when the weather permits. The doors are closed during the extremes of Nebraska weather. This area is then heated or air conditioned as required.

The kennel building is very safe with security fences on all of the big doors.