Morrow Kennels

Pet salon and boarding

This is the old facility retired in 2013

This is the new Kennel which

opened in 2013

In 1974 Marilyn and Cliff bought 3 registered Cocker Spaniels, they raised a few litters and the idea of a boarding kennel was born when a friend insisted they take care of his dog for the weekend. They made a temporary pen to house their guest and soon after performed a survey of area pet owners to see if there was interest in a boarding a grooming kennel. The numbers looked good so in 1977 Cliff and Marilyn transformed a chicken house into a boarding and grooming kennel. The old facility served them well but with the addition of their daughter Juli in 1998 with her many talents the business grew rapidly and they soon added 2 more buildings and have outgrown those into what is now a state of the art facility built in 2013.


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 Meet Cliff Morrow, the kennel designer and in charge of maintenance.